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From Brain to Concept

No matter the person you are. There is always a side of you that wants to create something unique and personal to you. Whether it be a story you wrote, a character you made in a video game, or an old imaginary friend you had. There is always something unique that we enjoy creating and showing to others.

A great way I express that is through concept art, it helps me visualize the specific features a character has, or somewhat makes them stand out. Establishing the key features of your character is what truly fleshes them out.

Take a look at the artworks down below, what do you think this character's personality like from just a glance? Is she intense? Is she a jokester? Both? A real concept artist will know how to add the personality of the character into the key features on their face. Notice the slightly broken nose? That's intentional placement, it shows this character has been rough situations. Her slight smirk and intense eyes show off a confidence that give off the impression that she shouldn't be messed with.

These are just some little features that can be placed onto your character concepts that will help you in the long run with making interesting and dynamic personalities in your next creative adventure!

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